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Upgrade With No Pain

You know doing a WordPress upgrade is hardly worth mentioning any more outside of the security woes corrected by the upgrade. This time around like the five or six times before was literally a process of overwriting files and refreshing a couple of pages. No complications, no problems, no happening during the course of the upgrade to even notice. That is one of the better things about running WP versus some of the other CMS/weblog packages that I've used in the past -- I don't worry about running security upgrades in terms of breaking Team Murder. The last 'problem' I ran into when doing upgrades was needing to change the permissions on a single file (the actual login script) and one other permissions snafu that escapes memory. That is the sort of record that warrants a round of whatever for all of the WordPress developers for sparing the rest of us hours spent cursing in front of browsers displaying errors and pages that don't quite render. While the kitten is crawling all over me at 5:29 am it's time that I'm really happy to have. Yet again, I've upgraded and don't see any breakage. How about you? Let me know...

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