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More Mail Disasters…

I've switched all of my mail accounts around with vague hope of actually receiving mail when it's sent to me. I know that is an idealized and lofty goal but I'm going to take my dream of having something that I pay for work the way it's supposed to and run with it. Actually, that is a total lie as I just moved all accounts to a completely different configuration of forwarding and redirection.

One of the guys I work with mentioned that he's heard many complaints about the mail service Speakeasy offers where clients and the mail sitting on the server 'get out of sync' (I have no fucking idea what that means in terms of POP3 accounts) and more drastic action has to be taken. This drastic action that I speak of consists of logging in to the web mail system and painfully deleting thousands of pieces of mail. The great part about this is that if you actually have a mail client open while doing this you can still see mail flowing into your local inbox. I think the protocol the server uses is 'magic' or 'reallyComplicated3' or possibly just 'brokenSSL.' So, I switched all of my accounts to forwarding to Gmail where I have a larger quota (bad) and there don't seem to be the same kind of issues with clients (either Apple's or Thunderbird) where either the server or client is telling lies (bad). The good part is that it has actually inspired me to open a help ticket at the Speakeasy support page when I have done a little research into the matter, namely to figure out where the disconnect between client and server is happening.

Again, if you've sent me some mail that requires response and you haven't heard back from me please give it another shot. Now that I know this is not going to be a one time mail snafu I shouldn't see these sorts of issues again and readily look forward to new problems that will make me swear off email for the foreseeable future. I should probably mention that Speakeasy is in every other aspect a fantastic if expensive ISP. I've heard back on every issue that I've ever raised in minutes rather than hours.

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