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One Of The Better Interviews I’ve Heard Recently

Like most podcasts, it's a little on the long side and one continuous chunk but go check out the Matt Mullenweg interview on PHP Architect. There is less conversation about the granular details of developing the language which is the usual focus of this podcast (aside from plain old news) and more talk about what changes in the language mean to a developer using the language who isn't directly involved with guiding decision making regarding the language. It's a conversation worth overhearing and covers a fair amount of ground including background on the origins (it was not sent as an infant from Krypton to a new life under our yellow sun) of WordPress and the perspective of approaching software development from the perspective of an aesthete or at least someone more attuned to the aesthetic attributes of a piece of software. Nice to hear that people are driven as crazy by minute details as I am. Go check it out.

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