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Evil Genius Monday

Whichever satanic emissary it is that actually plans and schedules the city and regional bus clearly has it in for me. Monday is one of the few days that I really cannot deal with things being late or even terribly off schedule. The bus, the one that delivers me daily to my job where minutes are counted up like magical beans, is consistently late on Monday. This means that no matter how carefully I plan and try to budget my time I am going to be late for the first day of the week. It is insidious and utterly effective for shrugging off whatever relaxation the weekend may have imparted on me and shuttling me right back into the frayed nerve week that I was just shot out the other end of.

What makes this insane plan more effective is that there is a bus running the same route that leaves ten minutes later than the one I usually ride. My bus today left exactly one minute before the second bus is scheduled to leave. What this means is that I get on a bus which will deliver me to a corner stop a block away from my work about a minute before I am due there and the bus which drops us a scant few minutes before the next is due to arrive will be jam packed with the people facing the same dilemma as I do. Fucking genius.

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