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Why The Caged Bird Howls Like A Damned Soul On Its Way Into The Inferno Forever

I'm going to pose a question in vain hopes of gaining a little insight or, in my wildest dreams, some really easy answers. I've been working on pretty large chunk of PHP for quite some time that is pretty modular by the nature of how I'm intending to use it. It's filthy buggy like every thing I write but I'm mainly concerned with getting it up and running functional before I start splitting the hairs of security and efficiency. What I'm really trying to do here is get my head back in the code and I'm having some problems figuring out the best methodology of doing so. Yes, I have profuse comments throughout the code and I've done a fair amount of read n' revise as I'm browsing back through the old crap. I guess what I'm asking is what rituals most people perform when dealing with huge lumps of code they've packed in mothballs for months at a time. I do my expected summary at the beginning of each file including the adorable picket fence of asterisks like anyone who has successfully taken a one thousand level programming class but I'm stumped when it comes to further and more enduring ways of preserving my train of thought. Anyone wanna share their tricks or even some good advice on how to prepare for such separation anxiety when you know full well you're not going to get back to the hacking for months at a time? I'd prefer more organic and less software dependent advice as I'm pretty platform fluid these days and not terribly fond of running Java applications that require more steam from the turbines than the operating systems but I'll take whatever I can get.

I have no idea what's up with that title but it popped into my head so like many other of my decisions I'm sticking with it. It just feels like that sort of morning...

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