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The Internet Is Broken

Sigh. I've been enduring short yet continuous outages for the past two days. Translated into less stupid sounding terms this means intermittent connectivity and the madness that comes along with it. I'm generally able to get out long enough for a single page load or maybe forty seconds at a time. I'm hoping to actually get a page with my ISP's phone support (how novel) loaded at some point so I can get someone out to check the lines. That doesn't exactly feel ambitious. The most frustrating part is that I'm trying to use the available online documentation for wxPython and smashing my head into the wall with impatience each time that I'm stuck in unfamiliar territory without documentation and only pyCrust as my guide. I would perhaps try out the old back up dial up connection if I had a modem in any of the machines or even a land line to dial out with. Look for me atop a tree in the near future waiting for the cargo planes to fill the sky again and bring me my fucking packets.

Note to self: Download the entire internet so this doesn't happen again. Set up internal RSS feeds that refresh with gibberish so that the numbers change in the dock icon and I don't feel so freaked out. Will possibly need some more storage to do this right...

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