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Cheating Less Yields Better Results

While part of me understands that a good deal of what goes on at BlackHat gatherings is, of course, going to be showboating bullshit I am a little surprised by the recent outing of the Macbook wireless crack as a fake at least in the sense that no actual Apple hardware or software was actually responsible for the vulnerability. Given the amount of crap that is churned out of code factories these days it's pretty annoying that the folks responsible couldn't find a real exploit to strike back at users they hate. It's written by humans so the existence of exploitable flaws is likely. I did a little digging into the original claim and I was pretty baffled by it even though I don't have an external Atheros card. Ah well, your fifteen minutes have expired now go back to IRC for crude commentary on $porn_star or $current_teen_idol. Thanks for stopping by.

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