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Email Is Teetering On The Periphery Of Being More Utterly Useless Than It Has Ever Been Before

I've stopped caring about email. I mean, I feel bad when something goes unread or deleted without my knowledge or whatever but the spam fire hose is cranked up so high right now that I'm incapable of caring. This is after three levels of filtering as well: one layer at my mail server which bounces most of the bounce notifications from spammers who fake one of my domains, one at Gmail which acts as a giant spam filter more than a functional account, and once locally via In a given hour I probably receive somewhere in the vicinity of 2500-5500 pieces of spam. I am not going to sort through any of it. None. Zero. I delete everything marked as spam and worry later. The amount of time that it would take in order for me to properly scan the various junk mail folders would take more time in the day than I currently have free. It is just deleted. Poof.

The question that I have here is this: Does anyone actually follow all of the procedure that would be necessary to sort the good from the evil or is everyone pretty much blindly trusting spam filters to do what they're supposed to and trying to ignore the fact that there are some false positives being deleted? I've tried to be concerned about it but there is a big part of me that has simply ceased to give a shit about anything remotely email related. The other question that I have is how do people generally deal with this? Do you simply tell people that email has become as reliable to you as the pitching a message in a bottle into the ocean method or do you come up with clever excuses?

What truly baffles me about this is whether the spammers are even distantly aware that completely destroying individual mail accounts does more harm than good and whether there is any sort of backlash between the total crap flooders and the more, ahem, moderate spammers who try to send less than 250 MB a day to a given email address. Everyone is well aware that the cost for an actual sender of spam is next to nothing but when the targets drop to zero then there really won't be any point. I am probably a pretty extreme example both in terms of the amount of spam I receive and how little I really depend on mail for much more than work communications but I'm pretty damned close to just implementing a completely prohibitive whitelist that flat out refuses to accept mail from you if you are not on it. No challenge-response, no identify which is different quiz but just pure and raw silence. So, I'm hoping that the flood by the ton senders will simply starve themselves out of business as people without access to their mail during the day will simply run out of quota and nary an offer of mortgage assistance nor the next hot stock scam buy alert will reach a human. As I said, I'm probably a larger target than most (too many domains pointed at the same account, etc.) but I'm sure it will catch up in time.

So, if you don't hear from me I probably didn't get it. If you yank a copy out of sent-mail and resend I will be more than happy to miss it again. I'm not making excuses here.

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  1. yes… stupid spam… hope you are doing well, I have not talked to you for a while, anywho must get back to doing something else. later.

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