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Oh Quotable You…

This week it is apparently all about email and the clients that produce it:

I really have to press 'Compose' each time I want to write an email?

Is there just a 'Receive' button? I'm afraid if I press this button (Send and Receive for those unfamiliar with the punishment that is Outlook) it will send mail I'm not finished with yet.

I keep getting this "STUMP" error when I try to send email. No, I'm sure it says "STUMP' all in capital letters.

I think someone is hacking into my email. (When asked why she suspects that): Well, that's what people do isn't it? They look at my stuff in Facebook and then hack my email. (When asked what her login name is for the purposes of checking out her account usage): Um, well...hangs up the phone.

For some reason the mail server refuses to send this file. It is only 130 MB so that shouldn't be a problem.

But I want a dictionary word for my password. I won't be able to remember it if it isn't an English word. What about if I change my password once a day.

That sound you hear that sounds suspiciously like a head being smashed into a desktop over and over again that it is just applause. Thank you. Drive through.

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