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Sick Day For Being Sick

After getting my ass kicked by a schedule that really is not going to work for very much longer I woke up feeling like absolute shit this morning. When I say morning I mean 4:30 am for those of you who associate the term with the period that occurs after the sun comes up. I'm not sure that I'm actually really sick now that I've slept for a number of hours that strays into the double digits but I had an epiphany of sorts about working strange, twisted, and extended hours:

What I really need to do is acquire a severe and wasting drug habit that I am paid a minimal amount to maintain. I would benefit nearly as much from this sort of arrangement as I do from my current state of zombiedom. Plus this would be more heart rending and poetic than just working yourself to death with tedium and boredom. I might bore others to death with a gigantic and heartbreaking habit but at least I would get some entertainment as well. So, sponsors, step forward! At least then I could do slightly more interesting things in my several hours of clear headed-ness that my current work schedule affords. I would also like a Mac Pro. Thank you.

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