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Upgrade Chart Clusterfuck

I'm pretty sure that whichever prodigal marketing genius concocted this handy Vista upgrade chart is pretty much insane. And by 'insane' I don't mean 'brilliant' but the sort of howling at the moon, foaming at the mouth, and picking human gristle from between your teeth before the next meeting crazy. What that little chart really needs are some blink tags or animated graphics to complete the full Space 1999 effect or perhaps replacing the buttons with actual Skittles. Maybe a sound file of that robot booming "Warning! Clean Install Imminent!" or something would really make the whole thing perfect. It is tempting to draw comparisons to Hal but that would attribute too much planning and knowledge to that imaginary malice.

This is probably the only time that folks using the Home edition of XP have ever been pleased with an announcement from MSFT.