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Holy Shit! I Mean, Oh Crap…

When Land of the Dead was released there was a fair amount of talk circulating about future Romero zombie films. The man himself was a little vague when he mentioned it in the DVD/Director's Cut extras but it was definitely there and, of course, led to all sorts of crazy speculation about Land of the Dead being the start of another extended story and other iffy extensions. None of those are bad concepts but none of it really sounds like a George Romero sequence of events. So, now Diary of the Dead has actually been announced and has dates attached to it.

I feel uneasy about the movie if only because The Blair Witch Project is an obvious point of comparison since it mirrors parts of that story: in the woods to make a movie and scary things happen. I am curious about what the film will actually look like since the film/video footage combination might make for some interesting atmosphere and Romero is an incredibly skilled editor. Those quick cuts so common in horror movies (especially the 1980's splatter movie variety) were popularized by his early movies. I'm excited but fairly worried at the same time. The word on the internets is that it will start filming in October. Okay, so I am more excited though the 2008 release isn't as exciting as the fact that it is going to start filming next month. We'll just have to see what the final result will look like.

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