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Preaching Atop Coffins: The Great American Pastime

I too am pretty goddamned tired of September 11th and not just on the day when everyone simultaneously turns into a weepy mourner and a bloodthirsty U!S!A! cheerleader. I'm probably also less sympathetic than the current target of ire on the topic. Although it is impossible not to empathize with the losses of people who actually lost loved ones and friends during the attack it is equally hard not to feel a scarcely restrained fury towards those who would piss on the tragedy like some kind of territorial marking ritual and hijacking it like a lobbyist maneuver to slide people closer to their side of the political spectrum. It used to be called waving the bloody shirt instead of presumed patriotic duty and now it is swallowed whole as duty to god and country as inseparable and those two things have become in the damaged American mind. Instead of becoming some kind of experience that marks a dark time in American history it has become a blanket excuse for 'fighting terrorism' which apparently comes from every direction depending on which way the money is blowing in this week.

It is also frustrating that many Americans got themselves so wrapped up in the event that they fail to remember that they did not know a single person that died in either of the successful attacks (the Pentagon isn't quite as sexy though so I forgive you for never remembering never to forget that less glamourous strike) and instead drew all of the turmoil inward with all of the emotional depth of a reaction to one of those "Hang in there!" puppies on the posters. If you're going to be devastated over the losses that others suffered you might want to consider pulling your head momentarily from the depths of your fat American ass and looking at the devastation that followed the attacks. You will be paying for the mission that wasn't accomplished for the remainder of your life and, since you're probably not a millionaire unless you had the foresight to invest in Halliburton stock, so will your children. It's fucking exhausting just to consider which I guess is why it is so appealing to simply slap more empty slogans emblazoned on magnets on cars.

So, I stopped listening. It helps me feel less doomed and less like I live in a country looking for a tar pit large enough to stagger into to make room for less ridiculous countries. Not coincidentally I will likely delete comments. I'm guessing you weren't there and your tear soaked utterances that would shame Hallmark into silence benefit no one. Fuck it. You're entitled to anger (rage even) and sadness but the endless stream of excuses for whatever insanity pops into your head is wearing me fresh out of patience. It seems like the handful of countries that make up the rest of the planet are sort of feeling that way as well.

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  1. I think a lot of people are sick of it. CNN interviewed a survivor of the Pentagon attack who basically said “I rarely think of it. It happened 5 years ago, I dealt with it and moved on. What’s the big deal?”

    Perhaps I am a pinko commie for saying this, but under 3000 people perished in on a day that could’ve easily been dozens of times worse. We were attacked, it sucked, but not as bad as the terrorists wanted it to suck. It wasn’t Pearl Harbor, for example. Doesn’t anyone remember those early death toll announcements upwards of 30,000 people? 3000 Iraqi civilians probably die every month (I am pulling that stat out of my ass, as the media doesn’t really cover it much) but you don’t hear anyone here so much as whispering about it.

    I also wonder if not moving on from 9/11 doesn’t somehow give aid and comfort to the enemy our government and military can’t seem to defeat. We’ve justified to them that their efforts at terrorism are effective and successful. If you blow up our shit we’ll dwell on it for 30 years and well up like a bunch of rich, white Vietnam-era Air National Guard reserve alums at a Lee Greenwood concert.

    “I’ll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today…”
    -Lee Greenwood

    “Really We’ll here’s your second chance asshole, fucking pick up a gun and hop to it…”
    -David Cross, on Lee Greenwood

    Jesus, I could go on for hours…

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