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iTunes Tragedies…

It seems like a whole lot of people are having trouble with the new version of iTunes on both Windows and OS X. I ran software updates the minute they came out and haven't seen any problems other than the first start mysterious quit that most other people have experienced. I'm curious what the hell is going on here and I'm guessing that people minus the iPods and on the Intel architecture are having less problems. Guess but I've yet to see any noticeable glitches. The only one that really bothered me was the kinda lame album artwork tool. I had just disabled it and then when I was showing a coworker what it looked like a good majority of the covers had mysteriously appeared.

I've also been hearing more rumor mongering about the potential for an Apple phone. Although I wouldn't spend what is sure to be a premium for another feature bloated, sexily designed, and utterly fragile cell phone I can certainly see how other people might. How many people do I know that have what seem like disposable Razr phones already? Something that could match the fashion accessory iPod? Please. I'll have to disclaim this to a certain degree because I'm continually surrounded by college students that have less hand-to-mouth problems than most of the fellow students I'm accustomed to being in the midst of. The alleged preview shot of the device looks pretty similar to the crap that sells like crazy now so if the lag between rumor and release isn't eons they might have a passable winner here for a first iteration.

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