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Explanation Cuts The Rage, Sort Of

I fucking hate the OS X finder. It is a case study on how to design something to drive people insane. It forgets your settings. It pulls settings from the root account whenever it is enabled. It drops .DS_Store files everywhere it goes like rabbit droppings and must even leave a mess in newly mounted disk images all so it can suffer from schizophrenic amnesia minutes later. Arno's explanation of how that accursed litter came to be and what the original rationale behind it really was tempers the kill-smash reaction that I have when confronted with the Finder. Why it is still there after all these years especially since Spotlight seems to do perfectly well without these files is another question entirely.

I nearly forgot that I do choose to display hidden files. I don't like it when the OS lies to me so I keep an eye on OS X because it likes to fib and obfuscate.

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