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I Don’t Understand This Slider, Man

Yes, a few days have passed and I'm spending more time working with a whole bunch of Perl and the latest and greatest web technology from 1996 than doing anything fun or even anything I want to do. In order to keep myself from just smashing all of my computers and securing a rewarding job working somewhere where food is always handy I often resort to meandering through some of the feeds I subscribe to. Chances are that 98% of everything I subscribe to will pass through my reader without being so much as glanced at outside of two pieces of possible criteria that will grab my attention these days: tell me something I've never heard before or totally piss me off.

I'm not sure that this exactly pisses me off but it is irritating in a you should really consider what you're saying before opening your fucking mouth sort of way. I'm not even going to go into specific details of the article that bother me because those aren't the aspects that push buttons for me. The thing that irks me beyond compare is the "I'm a lifelong user of X and now Y operating system is difficult for me to master in 24 hours." There are too many issues here than are worth exploring in great depth but that 'power user' tag fucking kills me especially as a person who used to do multiple re-images in every month for people who considered themselves power users. This, from an observer's perspective, means that the person in question knows just enough to fuck their OS installs up with their own two hands instead of simple software and hardware complications that plague the 'user' class of users.

My transition from a full time Linux user to a some of the time OS X wasn't instantaneous and I would never expect it to be. I've learned quite a bit which includes getting all services that I need up and running with very little pain and suffering. What magic did I use? Some really, really advanced techniques that I'm sure would have Windows users completely baffled and hammering Clippy with absurd numbers of queries. Then again, I'm a guy who spent five years fixing broken Windows machines without using Windows at all and arguing with power users who thought that feeding me gibberish lines about how the various system utilities they're running would somehow counteract the need to reboot their machines when instructed to. It baffles me that following fucking instructions should be so difficult and provoke such resistance from users. I'm still looking for a Win32 utility to reimage brains with a new more pliable version of the OS and all accounts demoted to just plain 'user'. Oh, and no you cannot have the admin password and that is final.

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  1. I have little faith in a technical blog that doesn’t have comments. It gives the author the ability to write the dumbest shit without ever publically being roasted for it. Kudos for taking time out to do so on your own blog.

    Truthfully, networking/sharing Macs is about as easy, hell – easier, than networking/sharing Windows. Amazingly, there’s an even a fairly obvious control panel for it confusingly named “Sharing” mysteriously placed under “Networking and Internet.” I know, why does it have such an obtuse name? Gosh, these Macs are soooo hard!

    Yes, it is that fucking simple. Or, if you were Google impaired, the help menu in your favorite Finder is pretty damn good. I have a feeling this guy made no attempt at sharing, he just bitched about it because it wasn’t enabled by default. I hate assholes like this, mostly because they make me think the wiki project I am developing at work will fail because all of the “power users” in other groups won’t be able to handle search.

    And you hit the nail on the head regarding the “power user” – it is an overused, bogus term that generally means the user is a egotistical fucktard. I don’t even consider myself a power user and I run servers, hack scripts and know how to configure sharing on at least three OS’s.

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