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The Honeymoon Has Quit Due To Broken Dependencies

When I put my two Linux boxes back to work after a four month break I spaced a little on what a pain in the ass this can be. The day-to-day maintenance of most *nix machines is pretty trivial and usually amounts to editing a configuration file here and there. Gentoo is an entirely different animal when it comes to configuration. Besides depending on the alarmingly dangerous etc-update (and I am fully aware that there are intended replacements for it but none of them have been unmasked yet) you'll also occasionally find yourself against the wall of revdep-rebuild which in theory will let you correct broken reverse dependencies by running the script and waiting around for many hours. I'm doing that right now and I'm not liking it much at all. I'm hoping that by tomorrow morning I'll be able to actually get real work done. If not I might have another Debian box in the house because time is short and so is my patience. Gentoo is a really fun distribution to use if you don't have anything crucial that you need to be doing on that machine. When it isn't working it is the least fun distribution. I am not having fun right now. Debian isn't exactly fun but it doesn't break often. These are the sorts of decisions that frustrate me endlessly.

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