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Yeah And What Else Is New Particularly?

Noticed this post on O' about the supposed abandonment of the 'power user' with the new changes that MSFT has introduced with new versions of software (in this post Preston Gralla is talking about IE7) and presumably in the new version of the OS that may or not actually see release while anyone is still remotely interested. Has the power user been abandoned? I dunno but I've always felt like some of the coolest parts about Windows have been invisible to users or hidden somewhere in the phantom zone of 'administrator tools' or worse.

The part that I find most annoying about this tendency is that the man behind the curtain (sorry, that was a failed attempt at punning from the Wizard of Oz and the term 'wizard.' I apologize and promise not to try that again) although not programmed to ask you natural language questions about your issue seems more friendly to Joe Sixpack users than the wizards are. I am superstitious about stretching metaphors like taffy but it seems more sensible to simply introduce users to real terminology instead of making shit up to sound less technical and intimidating. The available utilities in the Control Panel are fucking toys. The one that can always whip me into a fresh rage is the 'Add Printer' dialog when you need to add a printer by its IP address. How intuitive is adding a network printer by choosing the 'printer connected directly to my computer' option? Invoking that option should be accompanied by the sound of hundreds of hands colliding with the foreheads of their owners without an option to disable the sound effect.

Power users have always been out of luck when it comes to effectively administering their machines. Yes there are some time saving tools in the admin toolkit but they aren't honest either. You can't trust an operating system that lies to you in three different ways in three different locations to do what you tell it to do. Whether that distrust between those who make the tools and those who are forced to use them is growing exponentially is more fit for talk radio than my tired ass. Personally, I'm pretty happy that I don't have to deal with that mess outside of work. When I come home the machines tell the truth even when it might bruise my inflated yet fragile ego and don't hide things from me purposefully.

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