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Paper Spam Assault Continues Unabated

I'm glad I'm not the only one completely annoyed by the persistent pushing of telephone directories into every available mail orifice. Geoff Wilson wrote a pretty good summary of why Yellow Pages and the like are worse than useless these days since they are a tool that benefits only the advertisers and the publishing company and a static tool on top of that. I understand that a large percentage of the folks who don't live near major metropolitan areas are kind of stuck using paper directories as backbone availability in the red state zone kind of sucks but that isn't me and I get just as annoyed by the pile of phone books on my porch every couple of weeks as I do by newspapers I didn't order or even want for free. They're similar in tactic -- well, we can sell advertising for this rate because we reach this many people which is discounted by the fact that most of the phone books I see are either in recycling bins or dumpsters. How long can a mostly closed loop between advertisers and those who take advertising dollars exist?

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