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So, Like, Disc Images?

I grabbed a copy of the much anticipated Disco disc burning application that everyone has been drooling over for the past couple of weeks. That was kind of weird since I downloaded it right before leaving for work where no CDRs were available for me to burn needlessly. I have a feeling that my experience was not similar to what other folks encountered when opening it for the first time. I made the mistake of attempting to burn some ISOs as my first project and after I got over how pretty everything looked like so:

I was more than a little disappointed. Why? Despite the eyecandy my first burn using Disco was a coaster as was my second burn. I ended up just using Toast to get the fucking job done and will maybe come back to Disco when it can deal with an ISO image. It also seemed like it burned at about half the speed that Toast normally does. This becomes a total drag when paired with the lack of any way to adjust burning speed. I withhold any further assessment until I can file appropriate bug reports and get the install I was preparing to do finished. It does, as advertised, look really good. Now I just need it to be smarted than the blank CD it is supposed to burn. It is a beta so the moon isn't necessarily going to be delivered with the initial release but still...

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