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Splinted With Filth

The dentist appointment was actually okay although the prognosis, as expected, was pretty grim for a good number of my teeth. The part that did surprise me was that decay wasn't rampant but gum disease was there to make up for its shortcomings. I need to lose about six teeth. Most of them are wisdom teeth that probably would have been extracted long ago had my parents felt any sense of responsibility. So, twenty years later I've got teeth grown in crazy directions and two teeth, bottom and in front, that are basically being held in place by splints made of tartar. This makes me feel like I need to continually rinse my mouth until all of my teeth fall out. The dentist said they'll probably just fall out when properly cleaned anyway so be careful what you wish for and pass the box of shotgun shells. I do have four cleanings scheduled before a surgeon can even get in there which is a lot more days of pain before things are cleared out and replaced with cheap, synthetic, and indestructible substitutes. Once again, good riddance.

I'd nearly forgotten that I had predicted losing eight teeth in an earlier post. Six sounds better in this context but not by much.

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