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Because Sometimes “It Works” Doesn’t Mean That It Works For Everyone

I'm grazing over yet another half bazillion unread feeds in my aggregator and I find this one from NewsForge that links an apparently unfavorable review of Slackware. I have a deep appreciation for Slackware in concept if not actually in usage. I've watched people build servers with Slack and marveled at the total ease with which they can administer those servers. On the flip side of that I haven't seen many of the aforementioned people use Slack on their desktops. I think that is what bothers me about review of Slackware 11 other than the fact that it isn't really a review (the author does properly classify all of this under a 'Rants' category which is fair) but an attack on Patrick who has been distributing the backup of his hard drive known as Slackware Linux for a couple of centuries ago. This is so reminiscent of the various assaults on Debian by people who happily use its derivatives who manage to download a stable ISO without knowing anything about the underlying philosophy that guides its development. That's fine yet unfortunate for the project leads and developers who get bitten in the ass by the 'get what you pay for' bug. I encourage these folks to proudly hoist the middle digit when necessary because not only can you not please all of the users all of the time but it is very likely that the users don't know what the fuck they're talking about most of the time.

I see Slackware as a tool that doesn't decide to change your configuration files when you upgrade things and leaves things you've set up for specific reasons alone. It stays out of your way and is a easier cross migration for people moving from Unix administration to the somewhat different land of Linux administration. Slack is a tool and not really a toy so it probably doesn't make for the exciting review fodder that other distributions might provide. Dude, this distro totally uses XGL for the desktop and it's cutting edge as fuck. Whoa. My desktop looks like fucking Duck Hunt, mang. I'm glad other people are making decisions based on their own needs and not listening to the toy collectors. Whooooa! Dude!. Onward and upward, cranky old men, onward and upward.

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