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Support Is Pretty Key…

I read this article about how Red Hat's support works a couple of days ago and didn't really think that it was necessarily worth mentioning as I've dealt with RH phone support in the past (think 6.0 days with the broken gcc version and you may as well sit tight for my fossilization stories which follow) and generally found it to be nothing short of amazing. People there were more than willing to answer my stupid questions and actually gave me more information than they necessarily needed to. I imagine this is a result of having people that are actually taken care of and trained well. I'm still not a huge fan of the Fedora distribution or the RHEL methodology for assembling a distribution but if you've ever dealt with Oracle support without being a two bazillion dollar a year customer you'll realize that the support RH offers for relatively small players is stellar when compared with the Kafka-esque ordeal you're forced to endure with Oracle in order to simply ask basic questions.

I think that when you're already a large corporation that has embedded itself in areas entirely separate from operating systems (unless you count the elaborate reconfiguration administrators will have to do in order to run your software) getting beyond the toe wetting stage in the operating systems business is going to be incredibly painful. Doing support of any kind totally sucks and doing intricate support of things other than your cash cow product is going to be so horrible that it will end seeming more like a bad sit com than a business decision. Then again, Oracle has pretty deep pockets so they may be able to shove enough dollars into the hole to make it sort of work. I'm cautiously pessimistic but I'll have to wait and see.

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