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Sometimes Writing It Down Is A Little Like A Mental Garbage Disposal (Minus The Spoon Perpetually Stuck In It)

A bunch of years ago I put out a zine called (oddly enough) Goneaway that lasted for a single issue unless you count the much longer and much less wasteful issue that I finished, printed a couple copies of (and when I say print I mean duplexed the fuckers on a laser printer and stapled together), and promptly forgot about until we moved into this house. I was packing all of the crap that I perpetually drag around with me and found a copy of the second issue. Although nearly all writing becomes an embarrassment after the passage of time I actually liked quite a bit of what I wrote for it and wasn't sure exactly what to do with all of those ideas if not the actual written content.

None of the old writing is by any means stellar and I'm not even sure that the idea re-reading it spawned is more valuable than a half-assed exercise for some creative writing class at some community college. I did get excited by the idea of trying to write detailed recollections that didn't strive for accuracy and lapsed into fiction whenever it was convenient for the telling or more interesting in its construction (mostly for me) and just running with them until I either tired of the idea or the story was over. This is, of course, pretty obvious as things nearly identical to it fill those obnoxious "Write Your First Novel In 16 Hours" books as advice for the wannabe writers of the great American novel. Fuck it. That is not me. It sounds interesting so I'm going to try to do a little of it on a completely separate WordPress install that isn't connected with Team Murder in any sense other than living on a sub-domain of it. When this will actually happen is an undefined point in the not-so distant future but I wanted to blab about it a little because it sounds a lot more fun than most of the things I'm doing at the moment. Details when I've thought of them and babble with nothing concrete to back it up until then. When there is something to mention it will appear here and in a new entry.

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