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Done, Done, And Done

After too many inexplicable crashes in Firefox I've decided to quit fucking using it. This is kind of sad since I've run it since it was called Phoenix and didn't work really well. I was willing to put up with all of its quirks and shortcomings simply because it was fast as hell and primarily stayed out of the way. FF has suffered from explosive memory usage since it became FF (that is the first I recall having to stop the browser two or three times a day at least to free up some memory) and despite the fact that I experience the same behavior on clean installs the developers have found the penultimate scapegoat with extensions and given up on anything other than public relations spiel. This frustration has gone on for a long time and seems to correlate with the success of FF. This makes me look like a dick who hates everything the moment it becomes popular. Fine.

The issue that finally drove me over the edge was memory usage. I have 2 GB of RAM installed in this machine which is the maximum. As a 1.83 Macbook Pro it is no longer the new, new sexy but I'm thinking that it should be capable of running a web browser without routinely bringing the system to its knees. I've watched its usage routinely spike over the 76% marker when I have a couple of tabs open (no Flash crap on any of those tabs either) for more than twenty minutes. If I walk away from my machine for more than a few minutes I pretty much have to start the application again. In the past I'd laid most of the blame for this sort of misbehavior on the magical combination of Linux and Flash but the abuse of resources follows me across platforms and environments. I'm worn out and tired of making excuses to myself. So, I've going to quit Firefox completely with the intent of doing so permanently.

Safari just isn't an option as I'm not a fan of many of its quirks. I don't exactly have problems with it but the few times that I have used it I wasn't happy with its performance. Camino falls into a similar category as its configuration just isn't um configurable enough for my tastes. I settled on trying Opera full time for a while. The only thing I'm really lacking (other than StumbleUpon) is the hojillion saved passwords and login names that I've entrusted to FF in the past. That transfer will take time and cause frustration but I need to shelve FF until it stops being marketed and starts being developed again. Onward and whatever-ward...

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  1. Try Flock. The current release has worked well for me, and for my Mac pals.

  2. I tried to like Flock. I really did but I wasn’t really looking for the social networking functionality and the fact that the extensions I need just weren’t available for Flock made it a no go. Thanks for the suggestion though. I’m digging Opera for the moment but I’m not the most patient person in the world.

  3. IOpera for teh win bitch!!1

    I gave up on Firefox when it constantly segfaulted on forums for me (ppc linux, compiled and binary). I actually found Opera by searching for “web browser -firefox” in google, and I just installed the first thing I could find.

    That was about a year ago, and since I’m posting this with Opera, it’s needless to say that I like it.

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