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An Extremely General Comparison

Via a post over at OSNews (imagine that): there is a fella trying to make a thorough comparison between the 2.6.18 kernel and the Windows kernel. I'll grant that it is interesting if only for the purpose of figuring out how people think about a modular arrangement of kernel modules in comparison with the more opaque Windows architecture. I think that a more precise comparison of enabled defaults in a commercial distribution against a specific Windows configuration would be more useful. Trying to do this between all versions of pre-rolled kernels and all the iterations of Win32 is a little crazy. If you've ever tried to use SELinux features with a kernel intended for use in the desktop realm you will understand this almost immediately. It's a great idea on the server and an incredible headache on the desktop. Still, check it out if you haven't as it is interesting trivia if nothing else.

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