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Social Networking Will Unbreak Complex Socio-Political Situations By Helping Those Unfortunate Children Form Groups And Tag Things

Sweet mother of fuck. I've seen frequent mention of the OLPC Human Interface Guidelines but hadn't actually gotten around to reading it until tonight. It really does look like a hybridization of marketing pap for some Web2.0er and the Ubuntu idealization of the terminology of the generalized other as serving and understanding. It's a little embarrassing when the alleged goal is to promote computer literacy for third world children who may not have access to any other technology. How best to teach children about technology? Apparently by making it arbitrarily different and assuming that those poor little starving brown children aren't bright enough to figure out the desktop interface that shows no sign of going away. I've always thought that this project was a fabulous idea with godawful implementations and that was a fairly predictive observation. Oh well, I'm sure it made some people in the industry feel better.

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