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At Least They’re Working On It

There's an interesting write up on the work being done on the Linux port of the Flash Player which not only summarizes the work they're doing on the actual application but also talks about some of the aspects that make it so difficult to get right. If you've had the misfortune of trying to deal with Flash under Linux you're already familiar with this pain and all of the stupid tricks you have to employ, like running the browser under aoss, in order to get sound working with most distributions. There is also the crazy, crazy concept that perhaps 87% of a modern processor paired with gigs of RAM should be more than sufficient to render a piece of animation. I also love that Firefox builds are making something already complex into an utter train wreck. I mean, aim high, developers, aim high.

As out of character as it might seem I really do hope that the developers manage to rein in the cross platform wackiness of Flash especially given the popularity of YouTube and other sites where it's an essential component. Any work is good work.

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  1. This is such great news, I think…

    Wait, we’ve been hearing this forever. First it was, “we’ll get you Flash 8 after we stabilize it on NT/Darwin”, then it was, “Yeah, it’s taking us a while, so sue us” and recently it’s been, “this was out plan all along (re. skipping v.8).”

    Also, as a God-fearing Midwesterner, I would like Adobe to change the name of this program to something other than a synonym for exposing one’s self in public.

    Also, when viewing a single post, make the TeamMurder™ image at the top a link back to the homepage.

  2. First off, thanks for the heads up on the non-linky banner image. Fixed.

    In a way I’d rather actually have Adobe admit that the present version sucks ass than release something broken. They haven’t been too communicative about this unless you count laying blame on various distributions communication.

    I agree with you on the name. I would instead opt for something more Christian like “Glory Hole Player” or the like.

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