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What I Didn’t Want To Do

So, I set up a blackhole for most of my domains today. The last couple of weeks have been about as bad as it gets in terms of spam and I'd rather lose some mail than spend hours sorting through crap and fixing broken mail accounts. If email were something to get excited about like a package I might feel like the false positives dug out of shitty shit mountain might actually be worth it. They aren't so if you're trying to get in touch then my name at this domain is the only way to do so. I'm at my upmost apathetic as well as lazy so I'm going to construct a few flimsy walls and hope that will let me sleep at the wheel for a few days. Over thirty thousand pieces of pretty image penny stock spam yesterday cured me of collecting unrouted mail. Granted, watching all of that mail come in was kind of funny (now deleting 29999 unread, beep, BANG!...) but I don't want to do it again unless I'm being paid an hourly wage to do so.

Warning, excuse, or whatever but most mail doesn't work for what seems like permanently. This does break a whole lot of place holder addresses strewn around this site and other places but I'm simply out of patience and lacking much leisure time at all much less time to sort through Turd Mountain to find another spastic posting by some fourteen year old in response to that old Websense post from before they were born. Problems with that? Yeah, me too...

Fucks Up And Sadly Admits It
I just realized that for most of today I was sending everything sent to any of my domains to the glue factory. I've now set up a forward for a select few addresses. I should really take more entire days off from dealing with email. Despite the fact that it was caused by an absent minded mistake that is regrettable I still did enjoy the utter lack of additional shit that I should eventually get around to dealing with. I suppose I feel that way about most social interaction.

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