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Signed In (Someone Else’s) Blood

Fuck. I was hypnotized by the sea of labels and annoying people at the grocery store and didn't realize what the hell I was throwing in the cart other than the fact that it was on sale and for cheap. I ended up with this:

Crap. If nothing else it is kind of tasty and is mostly composed of corn syrup instead of the ground up kittens and shrapnel I assumed that it would be made of. Go check out the Hooah! bar web site for loads of unintentional humor and the hilarious and somewhat homoerotic image of the guy in short shorts blazing down an aircraft carrier runway to the approving gestures of two other guys wearing too much gear. Add another mistake to my long list. Maybe with the aid of this slab of corn syrup COBRA will finally be brought to justice.

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  1. Did that image turn you on?

  2. Wait. Aren’t you the flyboy?

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