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Enclosure Recommendations Anyone

I need some external drive advice. I'm not necessarily opposed to buying a package deal with a drive baked into the package but I've generally not had good luck with hard drive enclosures and spent more time trying to get them to recognize the drive encased in them one more time so I can extract a few crucial items than I have actually using the thing for more than a crossed fingers while knocking on wood backup of this laptop. I don't like doubting the media I'm using for backups. That actually causes more unease than I would endure without doing backups at all.

Here's what I'm thinking:

1. At least three hundred gigs of storage and that would be a pretty minimal configuration.
2. USB2 and Firewire connections would be nice as I will possibly migrate this drive between the two Apple machines and the ever increasing horde of Linux boxes. Firewire-only would end up being a colossal pain in the ass that would require buying even more shit which works against what I'm trying to avoid doing.

I can read specifications as well as the next guy who blows too much money on gadgets so what I'm looking for is recommendations from people who have either had terrible experiences with external devices or have found one that is magically delicious. Any words of advice?

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  1. I bought two:

    $169 today… Works fine over firewire, which I prefer.

  2. Good call Kenneth but I think I’ve already talked myself into the 500 GB to 1 TB range. I didn’t realize how inexpensive storage really was these days. I’m a little skeptical of anything with the Western Digital name emblazoned on it as these seem to be the most affordable of the really big guns. Stupid consumerism.

  3. Well let’s see the review. And just remember not to buy too much capacity as your basically trying to catch a falling dagger on price per megabyte.

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