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More Power To Me, I Guess

First of all, I bought one of the Faster Mac replacement batteries for the MBP and I'm pretty excited that I actually have battery power over the three hour mark. The old one was rapidly failing and had degenerated to a minimal 1:45 life span. Normally lapses of this sort aren't a huge annoyance don't bother me but given the battery display up top is incredibly distracting especially when the time remaining seems to decline day by day. The one thing that I was sure of when contemplating replacement was paying the Apple premium to buy it from the online store. I'm sure some purists are baying at the moon but, as has always been the case, they're dealing with different mental deficiencies than I am so it isn't even a minor point of consideration.

Linux is generally a little less savvy about battery charges so either the monitor lies outrageously (16 hours!! Wooo) or fails to detect that battery power is even being used. I somehow feel a little more responsible for keeping my battery properly maintained which I'm fairly sure is the beginning of an inclination further into anal retentive territory than I'm entirely comfortable with. Being able to avoid constantly fucking with the screen brightness controls is almost worth the price of admission alone. Still haven't properly calibrated this 'un because I actually use the machine constantly. That draining might be this nights final mission depending on whether I'm attacked by ninjas before bed, of course.

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