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Better Because Even Though It Crashes It At Least Crashes Fast….

I finally finangled a copy of Photoshop CS3 to work on my machine and despite all of the "OMG it's a beta and will remove stray fingers" hype out there about its release at very least the fucker isn't pushing the outer limits of RAM use in Rosetta just to run a basic blur filter and reminding me why I hated computers much more fervently in 1994 than I do now. I've only begun to play with it and so far I've found the primary new feature to be that it actually runs at a decent speed. Rumor has it that you should not install the CS3 version of Adobe Bridge as it breaks other things or places a hovering neon bubble over your head that says 'Pirate' or something like that. There are already about a million cracks out for nearly every problem you might encounter so, gentlefolk, get your toes wet and rejoice that the sucking has reduced substantially.

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