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Avoiding The Holiday Creativity Slump

One of the most disappointing things for me about vacations is that I really do default to doing a whole lot of nothing. Yes, there is the relaxation part but as someone who feels like they're wasting their life when something productive isn't either on the board or on the horizon I feel a little like an untied balloon, whizzing all over the place with no apparent goal or direction while I watch all of the things I swore I was going to accomplish during the break gather dust. When under the pressure of the work week with little time or energy to spare I'm less likely to freeze when confronted by a little time spend doing nothing but when that nothingness is sanctioned I freeze and spend huge amounts of time doing absolutely nothing and feeling like any relaxation that might be the result of this slack being offset by the guilt of being lazy.

My question to the void is this: How do you keep yourself on track or at least feeling like you don't need to accomplish things during vacations? Do you leave projects on the shelf or take some alternate action to balance play and work?

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  1. Embrace the void, nothing is the new black.

    I plan on drinking and playing wii (but not at the same time, due to the high speed remote flailing…)

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