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MySQL to PostgreSQL Comparison

Like many I'm sure I've always intended to give PostgreSql a more thorough trial than I have. Most of the urgh! factor after installing PG has come from not entirely understanding the jargon (which isn't entirely as bad as say Firebird which has all of the features you might want if you care to play function Minesweeper through the non-documentation) that comes along with a new DB. The postmaster thing has always bugged me for some reason if only because it rolls its own subprocesses and isn't clear when you've got it up and running what exactly is going on other than the spawning of seemingly infinite numbers of processes. The 'holy shit. with that many processes for a few simple DB connections there must be something terribly wrong' reaction always froze me in my tracks or rather inspired the semi-homicidal notion that I needed to kill all processes owned by the postgres user, uninstall this demon that I clearly didn't understand, and start over with the familiar.

In any case, this confusion makes this guide to PostgreSQl for MySQL users that much more necessary. The table of command line equivalents has almost convinced me that I need to crank up another copy to expand my admittedly myopic horizons a bit. The author also makes the point that learning PostgreSQL in addition to MySQL might not be a bad idea since Oracle threw some money at the MySQL problem which is summarized in the article:

The future of InnoDB in MySQL is questionable and Berkeley DB support has already been dropped. For these reasons, I believe it is prudent for any MySQL DBA to at least consider PostgreSQL as a safe harbor if Oracle brings down the hammer.

Regardless of the buy now, sue later tactics that Oracle is dirtying their hands with this is good stuff to know anyhow since it makes me feel a lot better about knowing that I'm supposed to be seeing that many processes and the command line suckiness (or terseness if you're nasty) is not simply a product of my imagination.

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