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Add Another To The List

I'm posting this as a separate entry because I didn't want it to be buried in the zillion comments attached to the Fuck Websense post, wanted it to be attached to the newer post about the same topic, and because I think Rob is doing good work for the benefit of anyone who actually wants to use a network connection as something more than a modernized AOL.

Here is his comment in full with URLs to follow:

Fuck Websense. Websense is not just a kid or teenager problem. They use this shit software everywhere. I cannot do shit at my job, email, yeah right, game reviews, as if, political discussions, not likely. But I screw the fucks over. I have many many domains and a nice little piece of software that lets me surf anywhere . Of course they find it now and a again but that is no big deal I just switch out the domain name on my proxy site to one of my others and boom no problem surfing once again. As I said before fuck websense and the assholes that put that shit on networks! Website is posted above, who knows how long it will be working but enjoying while you can. Maybe if I get a big enough response then I'll come up with a way to get emails and then when websense blocks the site and I make a new one I can just do a mass email and let everyone know the URL. Yes I am an adult and hate fucking websense just as much as any 15 year old in high school!

His tool to avoid evil is currently located here but will probably change over time as the dicks in control ferret out the connected domains. Thanks Rob!