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Beats A Large Blank Spot, I Guess

I'm beginning to wonder if I didn't fracture something in my wrist when I fell on the ice nearly two weeks ago because it is still bothering me enough to make me want to avoid typing when I'm not at work. The disorientation that I'm feeling is a little bit like the way I felt a couple of years ago when I started to exhibit RSI symptoms. I don't like this. I almost fired up an instant messenger application this afternoon reflexively until I realized how ridiculous the idea was.

>goneaway has quit due to a painful medical condition

We finally watched We Jam Econo tonight after the case sat around for the better part of a week. It's a documentary about The Minutemen a band that was pretty important to a whole lot of people and has largely escaped notice from the next batch of punk rock kids excepting the use of a piece of Corona as the theme music for Jackass which isn't exactly auspicious. The interviews that compose the majority of the film are actually pretty good for the most part which almost makes up for the fact that the live footage is somewhat crappy at best. The deleted scene when Thurston Moore talks about meeting Mike Watt for the first time is fucking hilarious and made even more worthwhile by the near slip into shit talking he nearly makes when talking about seeing Henry Rollins when Sonic Youth played in California. There is a second DVD in the package I bought with live footage but I was feeling a little saturated by the end to watch any of it. One thing that is pretty consistent throughout the entire movie is the sadness most people display when speaking about the death of D. Boon. One facet of the Minutemen that I was pretty oblivious to was the fact that they were so consciously and ferociously independent before that word became such a fashionable abstraction. The movie is worth watching even if you aren't familiar with the band as they posses an undeniable charm and quirkiness that I think transcends musical genres. I'm guessing that most rental places won't have it so check out the first link up at the top, drop twenty bucks, and pass it around.

In addition
Read Yoon's take on the same viewing over here. I hope skinny ties get their richly deserved burial preferably at sea.

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  1. I saw We Jam Econo when it was playing at the Alamo Drafthouse here in Austin. On the one hand I was really quite pleased with it and the audience, which was comprised of a surprisingly diverse group of people. On the other hand I was saddened by the concert footage and Mike Watt’s obviously painful loss of his friend. I remember seeing The Minutemen a couple of times here and they were and still are an inspiration for me with regards to true independence of thought and action.

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