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Best Thing I’ve Seen So Far This Week

That doesn't really mean a whole lot since

a) the week just started
b) I don't get out (this includes the interweb) much these days
c) Apathy feels as inevitable as gravity lately

That garbage uttered please go have a look at Goodbye Microsoft which is not only a great URL but an embedded installer that will set up a dual boot system with Debian right along side the MSFT brand OS that you're required to run for whatever soul draining bullshit you're calling work these days. The screenshots are amazing and, if they are at all telling of the actual install experience, much more alluring than a live CD or something. I almost wish that I had a running Windows box just to give it a spin. I do have a neglected 2000 box at work that hasn't been on the winning side of the KVM switch in a while but that evil project is for another day when I have more than a handful of minutes in a day that isn't dedicated to feigning interest in the whining, crying, and teeth gnashing of end users. If you do take a test drive please let me know how it went and/or how it is going.

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  1. I’ve never commented to a post and can’t remember the last time I searched the net for posts, but while researching Linux, I ran across your numerous gems of insightfulness. After reading through three or four pages, I was pleasantly surprised to find someone who articulates my thoughts and experiences to the tee. At your expense, your rants made my day. After thirty-one years in IT at the same company, I find very little to laugh about at the end of the day. Keep up the great work… and Thanks!

  2. Appreciate the kind words and much more for the fact that we’re slogging through the same hellish pit of incompetence and machines that won’t listen. It does scare me a little bit that this site would worm its way into research.

  3. Hi, I check your site periodically as well, after stumbling across it when searching for the classic “my sound won’t work under KDE” problem. I came for the tech help, but stayed for the zombie movies.

    I’m an IT guy too, almost 8 years in the field since graduating from college. Now managing IT for a university library, with a mix of Windows and *NIX boxes.

    Not 100% sure what the point is here, but since this seemed to be turning into a de-lurk thread, I thought I would join in.

  4. Other Steve:

    The funny part is that I work for your former school which was a bad choice that I’m still trying to dig myself out of. Pretty funny when all things are considered. Thanks for de-lurking. It gives me a sense that this stuff is actually read by humans and not just ‘bots. Will add your LJ to the link bar.

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