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Two Upgrades Later

I do WordPress upgrades the moment they come out. Well, first I do a backup of my entire home directory on the server but I'm not hesitant about doing the upgrades as they are usually unremarkable and solve at least one little problem that I've had with the software. Generally, WP upgrades are a good thing although not typically the sort of upgrade that most people would even notice. The newest version solved almost every problem that I had with previous versions of WP and Akismet and since I bitch loudly a whole lot more than I ever compliment it's probably worth mentioning the improvements that I especially dig and the funny part is that they all concern how comments are handled:

1) Akismet now has a paged interface for comments marked as spam. This isn't a huge issue for most people but I tend to get about 50-100 pieces of spam comments for each new post. This probably isn't helped by how infrequently I post anything these days. I look like a perfect target for the 'bots. Akismet removed a lot of the labor from this managing comment spam but the interface was always maddening. Before the newest version, the management interface in the WP control center simply gave up on displaying comments marked as spam after the first 40 or so. It was easy enough to simply press the 'delete all' button but after hearing back from a few people who left comments that were mysteriously and invisibly banished to the phantom zone to languish with Zod for eternity I started to distrust the interface. Instead, I despammed all of the comments and manually marked them for deletion again. That process negates most of the benefits the plugin even offered. I filed a bug about it a long time ago and had been doing things the roundabout and difficult way. This is now fixed by a paged interface that will span as many pages as I need to figure out which comments are spam and which others are simply constructed by idiots. I feel like the janitorial work shrunk tremendously in a single upgrade. That alone is worth the price of entry.

2) Comments now have their own section in the WP admin interface which is also a blessing in terms of minimizing the number of clicks necessary to bless and curse the various types of comments waiting for moderation. I like the organization of the new way and am really happy that comment functions (other than from the shortcut via the WP dashboard that I always forgot about) are no longer buried below another heading.

3) Pages seem to be rendering faster. I'm not sure who really deserves the credit here but I'm torn between either giving credit to the awesome WP devs or my incredibly crappy hosting company for actually putting new accounts on a new server and allowing the rest of us a couple of cycles for page rendering. That said, next fall I will be moving the fuck out of here and hopefully into some dedicated digs. I run a bunch too many domains and projects out of this single account and despite the fact that I have enough bandwidth to cover pretty much anything I am pretty tired of the sluggishness. Many months but I hope one day that WP will run even faster without dozens of Movable Type installs gumming up the works for the rest of us.

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