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Go Daddy Is Not A Go Apparently…

If you're dumb enough to use the Go Daddy name servers your domains might not be resolving. I guess cock sure certainty beats patching or contingency plans...

Angry users:





a PCWorld article that brings us this evidence of brilliance:

"Thank you for contacting Online Support. As Daylight Savings [sic] does not apply to our servers, since we are on Arizona Time and our time zone does not change, our servers wouldn't update," reads one of the replies he received, and which he provided to IDG News Service.

He wrote back to GoDaddy, saying that despite being in Arizona, their servers needed to be patched, otherwise timestamps would be wrong when communicating with computers in other areas. He even provided them with the code he used for his test, but didn't hear back.

The Whatever
Um, okay, so apparently there are either a whole lot of fans of Go Daddy out there or some underpaid support monkeys are being drafted into the service of defending the honor of the mother ship. DST wasn't my guess either but I linked some writeups by people who gasp actually use their DNS service as opposed to just pimping it. Multiple hours of DNS failure isn't exactly convincing either.

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  1. Allegedly it was a DDoS attack.

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