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The Apology That Wasn’t

I realized that my earlier post, a kneejerk reaction to a final paragraph that I placed into false context (reinforced by the block quoting of the paragraph I wanted to be something else), was a horrible mistake even after the faux retraction I posted below it a mere handful of minutes before I rushed off to the bus. I was thinking about this in terms of news sites like Digg and Slashdot and feeling a little embarrassed. I continually rail on both the aforementioned sites for their tendency to under-read and over-comment and the moment I steal a moment or two away from work I do something even more stupid and annoying and without the tempering of some smarter people around to mention that I'm an idiot and need to pay a bit more attention.

I guess this is an apology, sort of, without a direct recipient. This was not by design but is telling nonetheless. Oops.

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