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Maybe They Should Change That Part Of The Name To ‘Uneasy’

I should be more upset about Best Buy acquiring Speakeasy but I'm really not. Yet. I got the email about it this morning and read it with my stomach churning away about the fact that what I consider a nearly perfect ISP (other than price which is always arguable) could be fiddled with by a company all but infamous for its tenuous grip on the legal system like the MSN debacle, the strategy for placing the brunt of loss prevention on the shoulders of their customers, or any other number of rumors, substantiated or not, that seem to continually circle around the collective head of Best Buy.

I cannot say that I'm particularly excited but, if we're really lucky and think only good, positive, rainbow thought, BB will be smart enough to realize that they can sell the Speakeasy product without completely fucking it up by tampering with what is already a successful model that works for all parties involved. This is what I'm hoping. The release says that nothing will change for current customers and I'm trying really hard to drink that Koolaid. Speakeasy is really easy to deal with and allows you to use your connection however you see fit. They're also really forthcoming about outage notifications and also allow me to escape the shadow of the dark ages by having a DSL connection without necessitating a land line.

They're also fucking expensive so I expect the level of service I've grown accustomed to. I have zero complaints about either time (twice, kids, twice) that I've had to contact support directly especially since their response time seems to be something like an hour or less. That is fabulous but if that level should lapse I will go elsewhere. That is the definite downside for the consumer side of the fence: perception is part of the equation now that Speakeasy is owned by the man (who keeps us all down). As incorrect as that perception might be I can't help but feel like I'd need to move on if things became subpar. I would feel better about handing my hardly earned cash over to a struggling little guy than a little guy subsidized and controlled by a corporate entity. It's based on emotional attachment and makes zero sense but...

I'm sincerely hoping that none of the above happens. I would much rather stick with the service I have and continue to experience stellar service than I would accept limited functionality or mediocre service without the big company shit sandwich attached. They are decidedly non-delicious.

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