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How To Deal With Loss

I had this horrible fear that the entry below this one would get lost in the bowels of Team Murder and never be seen again. It has been a day since we lost Pig and I couldn't stand the idea of him ever becoming an obscure entry in this mess. So, I made Pig The Cat as a more permanent home for our photos and memories of him as a thing apart from all of this babble. He deserves a lot more. The site is just a placeholder with a photo gallery right now as I just registered the domain a few hours ago but more is coming. There is a lot to remember and so much to miss.

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  1. i am very sorry for your loss. my wife and i were pretty much destroyed when we lost our two dogs a couple of years ago – one which we had ever since the two of us started dating about a hundred years ago, and the other which we got when she was in graduate school back in the mid 90’s. they were family, and they’re missed as family. one thing i might recommend for you is, in adition to an electronic memorial, doing something concrete, such as digging a small garden and planting some or all of the ashes there (assuming there are ashes). in this way you look at something alive while enjoying memories about the one that’s passed on.

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