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The Musical Fruit

Okay, so I was reading a Lifehacker write up of a new word processor that had a lot of features but was slim and fast and had to check it out. It’s called Bean and I am digging it a whole lot already. I’ve written a couple of short things using it and I’m pretty amazed at how quick it is without being completely bare. I reset all the color options (black background and amber text, of course) and it is rapidly usurping Emacs for my text editing needs and is a whole lot more pleasant to use to just read a bunch of text. I’m not sure that it’s completely a keeper but I’m impressed after using it for a single day and how closely it straddles the line between a full-on (and intrusive usually) word processor with all of its formatting capabilities while staying lightweight and non-annoying the way a text editor should. Don’t know that I would do much code editing in this mode but it certainly makes text editing on this machine much more by simply being less.

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