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As always, I'm about three days behind in reading worsened by a day off when all I had to do was pay a visit to the dentist for fillings and do laundry. This nugget about the MSFT retaliation against a MVP who scored the honor as a result of developing the same extension was one of those things that I vaguely remember from the various headlines that trickled through my feed reader with nary a word read but didn't actually think about until today. I don't mean 'think about' in the sense that MSFT is flying black helicopters over your compound/ranch because you've got something against them. The feeling I came away with after reading this is that MSFT really needs to reel itself (hydra-like as that self may be) and make some kind of decision about whether the monkey boy 'developers' dance really was a product of a hallucinogenic energy drink or whether they are actually interested in having people write real software for their platform that isn't a fucking game or, more profitably, spyware.

The truly confusing part is what damage this developer is really causing MSFT? The downloadable versions of Studio are there for what reason? To win karma back? To woo the kids? Free promotion on the old Thetan levels? No, it's a gimme to convince people that Studio is worth the investment in time and the learning curve in order to use/learn. By making the freebie more useful you have injured the beneficiary of the promotion how? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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