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Post-Notice Doldrums

I gave notice at work a week or so ago and as is typically my habit I gave it over a month in advance. This is nearly always a mistake as I think of it terms of allowing them to find someone else to fill my position with someone suited for it. The unfortunate part is that no one would really be suited for my job that has any kind of technical background (excepting the possibility that they might be slightly more adept at reading, understanding, and following instructions/documentation which most people find next to impossible) and it doesn't pay enough to attract a career bureaucrat that could handle the work environment and the 'procedure goes before else' spirit of the place. So, I just keep limping through the days, dealing with the same bullshit that I despise, and watch my workplace retain the same aversion to common sense that made me want to flee it like a burning building in the first place. The other problem with giving that much notice (and being neurotic enough to do so) is that I'm perpetually poised to chew my own leg off in order to escape. Keeping my teeth away from my ankle is almost harder than pretending that I foster some deep and empathic identification with day-to-day busywork. You think you know exactly how much you dislike a job until you give notice and then it becomes obvious that you should leave immediately with as much of your sanity as you have the back to carry and that you still have three fucking weeks to go. Stupid fucking Protestant work ethic...

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