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Partnership As A Euphemism For ‘You’re Going To Be In Our Donkey Show And You Don’t Get To Be A Donkey’

For a company (at least back in the Lindows days when Opie Taylor was still running the show) that set out to seemingly compete directly with MSFT Windows I'm amazed at how weirdly Linspire has shaped up as both a company and a distribution if you can even call Linspire a distribution. Obviously, the fact that their name even crossed my mind was due to the recently announced 'partnership' (grab your ankles and grit your teeth, partner) between MSFT and Linspire in order to add value and obviously to protect you, the innocent customer with your hands wrapped tightly around your ankles and your billfold clenched between your teeth, from becoming another casualty of the patent wars, and to make either side of the equation look like a little more than what they actually are.

The somewhat redeeming part is actually written into the press release like so:

Linspire customers only receive these three technologies (instant messaging, digital media and TrueType fonts) if they purchase a patent SKU. The technologies are not shipped with all Linspire 5.0 distributions.

And just when you think that Linspire might come out a winner in all of this take a quick gander at the statement that follows it:

Web search. Linspire will select the Live Search service of Windows Live as the Linspire 5.0 default Web search engine, allowing Microsoft to bring Live Search to a broader set of users and providing leading search capabilities to Linspire customers.

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