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Unemployed And Whatever

Today I had absolutely no agenda on my plate so I am being 100 percent unemployed today. I haven't been able to wander around during the daylight hours and actually have the pocket cash to do so in quite a few years. I'm not entirely sure that it is a completely comfortable feeling. Although I dissolved my previous employment with more than enough notice and did all of the expected checking out sort of hoop jumping I still feel like I'm playing hooky. Trying to dodge hundred degree heat makes it a little less guilty but I still feel like I'm fucking up something fierce. I'm hanging out in a coffee place right now, surrounded by other Tuesday afternoon slackers, and I feel bad. I'm not sure whether this says something creepy about American culture or something creepy about me. Anyway, I'm sitting here all nervous and uncomfortable and more than a little like an untied balloon, wooshing around and bumping into assorted surfaces because I'm not exactly sure where I should be. It runs sort of counter to the ideas that you nurse when you're caught in a job you dislike -- the old 'if only I had a week or so without this I would conquer the world' thinking. I wish there were a way to actually make this work.

Equally disorienting, Ditherati is back. Guess Web2.0 might be useful for something after all.

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  1. I know what you mean. It’s like the feeling you get when you walk out of a bar or a movie theater and its the middle of the day and the sun is blazing down on your face. It’s like God telling you to go get a job.

  2. Well, sometimes when I’m at work I hit myself in the balls with a peen hammer, if that makes you feel any better.

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