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Stupid Things To Do Before Leaving The Country

I'm not the best traveller in the world. I'm even worse at packing to go elsewhere (meaning anywhere but the U.S. and by that I really mean further away than a bus could take me in a single day; I'm a little phobic about leaving my comfort zone which really means leaving my dining room table where all of my stuff is) much less for more than a handful of days. I'm not exactly having a nervous breakdown but I don't really want to sleep either.

This is some really superior planning. The logic is relatively sound: stay up, keep moving, have bonus time to forget and then remember things that must be done, and so on including haircuts and doing some laundry. Then I forget that I have a really difficult time sleeping on airplanes so I'm likely to stay awake for more than twenty four hours. This is a kickass strategy because it not only assures that I will adapt to the time change rapidly but also that I will show up in another country babbling like a sleep deprived idiot in an American accent. What more could you really ask for?

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