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A Little Something For Comedic Relief

I have a real affinity for the thorough disintegration of bad idea by whirlwind of rusty razor blades commentary. You can find some of it on the Why Firefox Is Blocked site.

We can't make you disappear by stealing all of your advertising revenue but we will do our very best to mock you to death. Is that an act of terrorism or is that only when you're linked to by high traffic websites and don't know how to properly use an .htaccess file. I think web*master* is sort of an exaggeration in this case. Are there any more junior titles? I'm thinking something like web-webelo or something...

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Orange And Gradients Are ‘Soothing’ And May Possibly Prevent Scurvy

I'm fucking around with Wyzo. It's some kind of 'add a bunch of crap into FF and call it new' business plan that surprisingly seems to keep Flock afloat so what the hell do I know. It's pretty standard other than the out of the box inclusion of a Bittorrent client (Windows only, of course) and a bright orange theme that does zero for me although I'm sure someone, somewhere, in a alternate dimension where theming means more than a sixty second distraction, is really excited about it being orange. I also love the fact that choosing to get either 'Add Ons' or 'Themes' from the setup menu sends you back to the Wyzo site. Oh well, it was fifteen minutes of leisure poorly spent, like most things I do and think about.

I don't understand the proliferation of re-branded browsers -- especially when you're not adding any functionality to the browser other than a radioactive looking theme that you can't change and a plugin for Bittorrent (and lord knows how few freestanding and browser-oriented clients there are for that) that only runs on a single platform. Where are all the other applications that should be built using the awesome toolkits for application building? Yeah, I know the answer already too...

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For Darwin!

It has been a really long time since I've needed to tell lies in order to use a web site. It began with Linux and using browsers that didn't jive with the "optimized for some crap" plague of stupidity that was so widespread barely a handful of years ago. Some real competition in the browser genre from Firefox kind of leveled that particular field ('playing' excluded from the previous statement for the obvious reasons) and has become the lesser evil browser for a lot of more conscientious folks. I have a gazillion problems with FF myself for a list of reasons that I've spit out far too many times to do again here but I think, for the most part, that FF is a force of good generally and I'm glad that more people are using it. Firefox has done a great job of working itself into the replacement for the blue 'E' and that is good work by itself.

The most interesting side effect of the wider use of *other* browsers is that web content is now a process of negotiation instead of being entirely controlled server side. I use Opera so I can do an alarming amount of shit with your presentation/delivery without using anything external to the browser itself. It requires a bit more twiddling than installing a plugin for FF but nonetheless I can block the hell out of some advertising without strapping a bunch of extra crap on to it. That ability, if you're not using stock IE as your browser, is pretty much a given these days which makes the stupidly clumsy attempts to demonize client-side configuration so utterly baffling. It doesn't fucking work and trying to make FF users out to be some kind of thieves and your own lame and utterly ineffective blocking of a browser as some kind of bulwark for bad business models under the guise of free enterprise just tags you as an idiot without a real plan.

So, I'll be switching my user-agent to Firefox for an entirely different reason. I don't want to participate and I'd much rather skip your crap entirely than enable you to make money by simply loading up a fuckton of ads when someone is somehow deceived into following a link into your mire of scam-tastic link farms. That is my right as a user of search engines who is seeking real information instead of SEO crud du jour. I'm waiting for the next genius statement of theft from someone who opposed visitors to their site without a Flash plugin installed or using a screen reader. How am I supposed to make money on my flashy/blinky/twitchy ad thing if people won't install software/get over their disability to see it. Good fucking riddance.

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Registration Now Switched Off

Apparently 'bot programmers have now figured out that some people allow comments without moderation if people are actually registered and logged in to WordPress. This was the case here for about two days until I figured out that this was the worst idea in the world for any number of reasons. I've been getting slammed with somewhere around 2-10 registrations a day that are obviously bogus for the past couple of weeks. This does absolutely nothing other than waste space in a MySQL database so I disabled the fuckers since registering here adds absolutely no value to your Team Murder experience whatsoever and means I spend more time cleaning up after spammers than I already do.

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Uh, Request Denied

Spotted in a store window in Rome while looking for cheap(er) internet access. I cannot imagine why this particular piece of merchandise had its price reduced. The name of the company that produced this remarkable piece of understated propriety is Perfect Persuasion. Yeesh:

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George Thorogood Unwelcome Here

Some graffiti in Rome which completely cracked me up in the middle of a hot walk when the rest of Rome was taking a nap or otherwise relaxing:

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Candle Offering

Only two Euros. Plain old indulgences might be more simple although you've gotta appreciate the honor system.

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Euro And Other

The IntarWeb is expensive in Europe so no posting will happen for a couple of days. We have taken a few bazillion photos so those will be posted in deluge once we reach the land of cold beverages and sidewalks that are more than a single person (or half of an American) wide. Florence also sucks. There is no where to sit and everything closes at 3pm. Geez.

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